Tuesday, April 17, 2012

To whore myself around....

Mr. Holyhalibut just explicitly told me to 'go suck a dick' during weekends and weeknights to earn money. Yes, you read it right. Hubby who promised to take care, support, love, blah blah blah the wife just snapped yet again. I think this is worse than being called stupid. Oh, not only did he just tell me to sell myself but also to just kill myself and That ever since he met me its been a string of bad luck for him. The only other person to say that to me is my mother.... Is this going to be an ongoing trend? Am I that really disposable that they can just voice out my impending death? So should I stay or should I go now? I just want a normal, loving, caring, husband. Is that to much to ask?

Monday, January 30, 2012

The coming of the 4th Penis

30 weeks and counting for the coming of the 4th penis.

Mr. HolyHalibut is in a snit over the little bundle of surprise. 

Getting tired of hearing "I work two jobs...I'm tired...two jobs... blah blah blah." He works from 9am to 12am from tues to friday. 

I'm not a SAHM because I work part time.  I have three other little penises to take care of on my off days and after work.  As much as I want to stay home and relax on my off days, I can't. 

Another thing that's pissing me off is the reaction of other people when they hear that I am armed with the 4th penis.  So fucking what? I'm not asking for help from anyone.  I didn't announce anything about this pregnancy because it was none of your business.  I'm not telling you to raise my child and pay for his care. Jesus H. Christ.

From the beginning the news of the coming of the 4th penis has been inundated with mixed reactions....more negative than positive.  Mr. Holyhalibut deemed it his duty to physically assault me to induce home termination.  I had to take 3rd penis out of the house and we ran away to my sis-in-law for the weekend. Or lest, I'd be on the bottom part of our staircase immobile. 

After that weekend, sis-in-law talked to him about it and he eventually accepted the inevitable.  But, all is not rainbows and sunshine...there is this underlying anxiety of him lashing out again. 

The bottomline is that...I'm scared.